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Agile Business Intelligence

In organisations, both large and small, creating reports from different systems is an important but expensive and time consuming task. This "agile" business data service can transform reporting to be quick, easy and interactive.

Anaapps will integrate two data sources for Free.

This offer from Anaapps will use proprietary connector technology to extract data from multiple sources such a data bases, spreadsheets and social networks. Our technology creates reports in short time scales, facilitate social commentary and is deployed online and on mobile at a fraction of the time and cost of a conventional approach.

1. Choose two datasets to Integrate

3. Choose the data metrics you need

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2. Connect to any of 25 data stores

4. Deploy online and mobile

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1.Shared knowledge

Search for report, dashboard or KPI to comment and share with your manager or whole team.

2. Available Anywhere

Take your iPad and download our mobile App. One touch let you take your business reports with you.

3. Extract and use in presentations

Copy and paste live charts into SharePoint or any web page. Build the service into other applications.


1. Connect the Data

Connect your enterprise software SAP, Oracle DB, MSSQL, SalesForce or FaceBook,Google and Excel files.

2. Design the warehouse

Select rows and tables you need upload into the the OLAP cube and clean your data. Setup automatic uploads.

3. Analyze and design report

Drill-in and slice data to better understand your business. Create reports with KPIs and forecasts.

Please contact us on 0203 286 4556 for further details and pricing.