Anaapps creates applications that are compelling and differentiated

Software Development

Anaapps develop applications to make your business perform better online. We build compelling online and mobile services, offer superior analytics and deliver fast integration to make you more profitable. Our specialist advice will help build a winning strategy. Anaapps achieve this at attractive costs due to our extensive experience and use of the latest software engineering frameworks and tools.

Windows 8 Apps

Let us help you create great windows apps. and distribute them to 1.2Bn computers! We are one of the first UK companies to build a Windows 8 business app.


Business Requirements

Anaapps can identify your business requirements and reflect them in the risk management, phasing and costs of a project by using agile processes. We focus on quality and schedule, and maintain this throughout the product life cycle.

Design & Development

Our structured design framework identifies the optimal design by creating architectural views and specifying the best package to suit the needs. We have high levels of skill in software engineering and all the online technologies.

High Integrity Systems

If a system is critical to your business then high integrity systems and software engineering 'know how' can be used to achieve ultra high levels of reliability. These specialist services are appropriate when even a one minute outage is unacceptable to your business.

Code Modification

If existing applications need to be modified then our development and database teams can implement changes cost effectively. This can be the best approach in certain legacy systems.


Testing assures that the application and analytic code will be correct and robust. Our approach means the test strategy and design are specified at requirements phase. This leads to robust performance over the product lifecycle.