Client Engagement & Case Management System

Interest Rate Swap Mis-selling

The system enables a professional advisor to improve services, increase productivity and automatically generate fees at key milestones for Interest Rate Swap consulting services. The systems covers case and client engagement, customer management, evidence collection, financial modelling, data management, report creation, case life cycle management and fee collection.

There are four core services which jointly are the ‘Client Engagement and Case Management System’

1. Client & Case Engagement

Enables a client to understand the structure of a complaint, to enter information and for an expert to make an initial assessment.

2. Evidence Collection

If an initial assessment justifies further investigation then the client uploads documentary evidence to support the case. At this stage the client has potentially committed to fees.

3. Financial and Product Assessment

Identifies motivations of the Bank to sell structured products. The results are added to the case. An automated report is available online and paid for.

4. Case Life Cycle

The states, evidence and assessments are all traced through the case life cycle service.

Interest Rate Swap Service Architecture


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