Anaapps can help identify how your business will work better online


Our experienced management consultants are able to match the business drivers to the application design so that superior performance is achieved. We have experts in risk, solutions, architecture and implementation that can solve your system challenges.

Risk Management

Risk management is critical as business and technology is changing fast. Our consulting team are experts in this field and use the latest methods, such as quantitative risk assessment to identify all the risks an organisation is facing.

Solution and Technical Architecture

Our skills in solution and technical architecture enable us to design compelling services that align with the needs of clients’ businesses. We have designed high integrity systems for Aerospace and can advise on processes and methods needed to manufacture highly robust online software. These skills are also available to our customers on a time hire basis.

Online Asset Analysis

Understanding the current performance issues with online assets is a specialist area where Anaapps excels. We can discover where the structural issues can be improved such as conversion rates, the strategic can be improved such as google rank and the tactical improved by running micro marketing campaigns. Our consultants have impeccable credentials and experience in this field.

Fast Data Analytic Consulting

In organisations, both large and small, creating reports from different systems is important to assist management. This can be an expensive and time consuming task. This is where Anaapps Fast Analytics Service can transform reporting. Our consultants identify the data requirements and use proprietary connectors to extract data from multiple unconnected sources such a data bases, spreadsheets and social networks. They create bespoke business intelligent reports that are distributed online and mobile

Programme and Project Management

Our skills in Software Engineering and Risk Management enable us to deliver projects on time and on budget. Our credentials are impeccable as we have successfully delivered complex projects both large and small. These skills are also available to our customers on a time hire basis.