Business Intelligence to deliver true agile reporting

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Benefits and Technical Overview

Our Business Intelligence service includes analysis, reports, live dashboards and data warehousing. Its main advantage is it is easy to implement and creates a friendly environment for business users. Sophisticated analytical functions are available for those power users who need it.


For analysts and business users

 • Cool and easy user interface focused on business user
 • Complete solution with data warehouse, analytics, reports, dashboards, visualization
 • Agile reports, combinations of KPIs and metrics without data model coding
 • Mobile BI focused on data-delivery experience for management available for iPhone, iPad
 • Social network for business collaboration and sharing in a secured domain
 • Insanely fast integration and pilot setup
 • Fragment of the cost of traditional BI solutions or competitors
 • Export of real-time reports to PowerPoint, PDF and print-size formats
 • Transparent pricing for lifetime licence with support or monthly cloud tariffs
 • Integrated connectors to web services, excel or huge database like Oracle, MySQL in one click
 • Open data portal for government and media

Innovation for BI platform developers

 • BI platform let developer copy and paste live data connected charts into any web app
 • BI cloud/on-premise platform includes number of APIs and let developer create own app
 • New web services connectors can be created directly in web browser
 • Own build-in data transformation and basic cleaning scripting language based on Groovy
 • Multi tenant scalable J2EE application that use GlassFish, Tomcat and Java app servers

Technical Overview

Business intelligence with an impressive interface

The service is called BellaDati, its uniqueness lies in the user-friendly environment for non-technical users and executives. All users need just a web browser on the PC. All reports and dashboards can be shared online among selected users.Reports are assembled without programming. However for IT developers it is possible to use sophisticated scripting and data cleaning.

Mobile BI

BellaDati supports all mobile devices equipped with browsers (HTML 5 technology). However for management and best user interactivity introduces BellaDati Piccolo. This is a mobile BI module that supports native clients for iPad and iPhone devices. Users can browse, search and comment on interactive charts and tables. All are available offline as well as online on the iPad and iPhone.


BellaDati unifies and normalizes data gained from all possible data sources using prepared external system connectors. Linking data from non-warehouse data sets is supported. BellaDati connect these data sources to the virtual data sets residing in BellaDati OLAP cube. The examples of data sources:

 • Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, Teradata
 • Data transported via HTTP/FTP web services in XML and CSV
 • Cloud services: Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amiando...
 • Enterprise analytics: SAP, SalesForce, Dynamics


Dimensional data are stored in BellaDati data warehouse that uses standard RDBMS storage. Several database platforms are supported. Real-time analysis takes advantage of in-memory processing and structured caching hierarchy, which delivers comfort response to user request. Caching technology is based on locally stored data. Writeback functionality related to source data repository for BellaDati is supported via remote interface implementing data change interceptors using the BellaDati API.


BellaDati can be licensed as a Cloud (no installations needed) or On-premise (software installed on customer hardware located at customer premise). On-premise option fits better if customer is limited by the internal rules common for Banking and Telco sectors. No client side installations are needed. BellaDati functions include analysis, reports, live dashboards and warehouse. BellaDati is robust Java Enterprise Application and fully support on-premise scaling and warehouse speed optimization for your servers.