Anaapps builds applications to exactly meet client needs

Application Development

The Anaapps approach to Application Development introduces precision and logical methods at each step in the development process. Anaapps ensures that requirements, architecture, design, development and test are constructed to meet the business objectives. The approach ensures the client business requirements are met and the applications are robust, cost effective and can be modified with ease.

Windows 8 Apps

Let us help you create great windows apps. and distribute them to 1.2Bn computers! We are one of the first UK companies to build a Windows 8 business app.


Business Requirements

A structured business requirements framework ensures the services and benefits are matched to the architectural design. Business Consultant and Architects will create a clear business and technical plan. This will typically be done at the proposal stage.

 Business Requirements Framework  Architectural View
arch arch
 Eliminates Risky Options  Creates Efficient Design

Design and Development

The Design and Development process will take the business requirements and technical architectural and build the detailed design and specification. This stage ensures that when the coding is started it is productive and cost effective.

 Cost Effective Development Process

In this way no unexpected behaviors is introduced during the build process. The typical timeframes for each stage is shown below.

 Key Artifacts  Requirements  Design  Specification  Code  Test
 Effort  10%  10%  10%  60%  10%


The Test Strategy, Test Case Design and Repeat Testing are set up early in the process so that no unexpected delays are experienced and all use cases and scenarios are verified. The approach ensure the business requirements are traceable to the code behaviors. A code ticketing systems is followed so that robustness is maintained.

 #  Test Approach  Benefits
 1  Test Strategy  Improves efficiency of testing
 2  Test Case Design  Isolates code that has faults
 3  Repeating Test  Improves robustness
 4  Ticketing and Configuration  Reduces development timescales